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“Kimm is the quintessential teacher of Pilates. She emphasizes core strength and alignment. She is a gifted teacher with careful attention to detail. I highly recommend her and her studio. She is so good that I chose to drive 30 minutes to work with her rather than attend a studio one block from my home.”

Dr. Leslie Cagle, MD

“Kimm has over the past two years given me an in-depth education on the mechanics of my body and has shown me a path to recovery when I have been injured. She is why I recommend Pilates to my patients who have poor flexibility, painful joints and lack of symmetry in the use of their bodies.”

Dr. Frances Hicks, MD

“Kimm is truly a master of movement analysis. When I refer patients to her, I have every confidence that their functional body mechanics will greatly improve. And she is as kind as she is wise.”

Dr. Cynthia Gulick

“Being a health care provider and a certified Pilates teacher, I searched extensively for a qualified Pilates teacher to provide my personal conditioning and movement training needs. Kimm’s extensive knowledge and understanding of movement and Pilates, far exceeds other teachers and studios. She can not only help you look better, but more importantly, function and feel better, too.”

Cheryl Griffith
Physical Therapist

“Kimm is a true master of her craft. Two years ago, I came to her with chronic hip and back pain and numbness and tingling in my legs and feet from scoliosis. Today, I am pain-free and more flexible and strong than I’ve ever been.”

Bobbie Hasselbring

“I started doing Pilates two years ago because of back and shoulder issues. The first studio I went to was fine, but after I moved on to the intermediate class, there was no hands-on instruction. After only three months of class, I was wondering if I was doing any of the exercises correctly. When I came to Kimm’s studio, immediately I felt like I was learning and receiving the proper correction and training in the Pilates technique. My body feels better, and it has affected my every day movement and strength in many positive ways. Kimm is so caring and knowledgeable. I can’t imagine going anywhere else! Thanks Kimm!”

Katrina Shallahamer

“Kimm’s a great listener. She really hears what you’re saying and customizes the program to fit each person.”

Anne Weaver

“I have been taking Pilates sessions at Pilates Bodies for almost four years. In that time I have never once had a bad session, and I've worked with four different instructors plus the owner, Kimm Mahoney-Watson. The instructors at Pilates Bodies are all amazing and certified with recognized Pilates’ certification methods; you can be assured that these are some of the best instructors in the field. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis seven years ago and nothing has helped as much as my weekly session at Pilates Bodies. You should definitely give them a try!”

Meredith Thomasson

“After 40, I decided it was time to make friends with my body instead of driving it into the ground. Pilates has helped me build strength, increase flexibility and learn to enjoy moving and understand what makes my body tick.”

Martha Boettcher